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Heartspeak originated from my lifelong love affair with words. Starting early in life, I felt an affinity for them - both written and spoken - especially when they delivered me to a place within my own heart. I learned early on of the beauty and mystical power that can be expressed through writing, and I connected with the American Indian thinking regarding those who express themselves this way: Native Americans do not have a word for poet or author. Instead, they refer to such wide-open souls as "word catchers." Believing in the idea that all creativity is a matter of capturing what's out there in the great beyond, Native Americans believe the writing that emanates from the willing heart and pen is merely "caught" by the would-be writer, who commits those words and ideas, feelings and philosophies to ink and paper.

I understood, intuitively, that there are those who were meant to be "word catchers." I wished to be among them. My desire to "catch" the right words to commune with others about the states and facets of the heart and soul has led to Heartspeak - a poetry collection of heart-talk made audible.

The poet creates in the space between the internal and external worlds and brings news of the interior that may not be, otherwise, heard. It's in that place where the poet's pen scrapes away the fuzz on thoughts and lays truth bare. In language often spare, the full meaning of things is expressed and its truth resonates like a chord plucked from within. With poetry, so few words can catch emotion - filling in the "white spaces" between the lines with understanding. Knowing how poetry seeps into places of the heart and soul not attainable to other words is why it's been a natural choice of expression for me.

Heartspeak is beautifully illustrated - combining the visual with images evoked through poetry. It is intended as a keepsake - for its messages are enduring and embrace the ebb and flow of feelings that course through the human heart. It's meant to give to others and have as one's own.

-Estelle Lipp

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