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The air raid drill was practiced twice weekly.
Little children took cover under desks
tucking their heads between their legs.
Thirty-two students in fetal position,
getting ready for the nuclear bomb.
Luckily, it never dropped.

Young bodies, limp and unmoving,
encased in a cold metal tube
with only necks and heads exposed . . .
while the iron lung breathed for them.
Luckily, Dr. Salk fought on
and won the battle.

Clothed in rags, walking barefoot,
Negro children went to school.
There they learned of their future;
there they learned not to have hopes
for their dreams rarely came true
and the stars were not for them to wish upon.
Luckily, Rosa Parks refused to sit at the rear of the bus.

Bruised bodies and souls,
victims of domestic violence,
silenced by displaced shame,
accept abuse and beatings,
believing it's deserved.
Luckily, Safe Houses gave support
and braced the fractured spirits.

Luckily, the energy for good is higher than evil.
Luckily, perseverance gets us from test tube to cure.
Luckily, reason overrides ignorance.
Luckily, there is healing power in love.

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